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Queenbeekeeper.com Terms of Service

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Use of information

The data, components and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Queenbeekeeper.com and any associates shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of the information transmitted or made available via the site. Use of the information on this site should be done at your own risk. This website assumes no responsibility for any outcome that occurs as a result of acting on or utilizing the information provided within.


Data and Privacy

This website takes data security and privacy very seriously. We only collect data when you submit a form and through navigation of the website through google analytics. This data and its metrics are used to improve user experience by allowing the owners to know what parts of the site are used the most so we can cater to the majority of users. This site does not gather any credit card or personal ID data other than name and email address. If something comes up on the site asking for any of your personal information besides email and name, close it immediately and contact the site admin for further review. We will be diligent in tracking down the cause. This site utilizes Search Engine Optimization tools (SEO going forward). These SEO tools are used to help the user navigate from page to page more efficiently by creating rich text links to already created pages in order to associate the information better. SEO assists us with providing the user with the best experience possible given the limitations of the hardware and software.

Additionally, your information that is gathered is never sold to 3rd parties.



This site utilizes advertisements and links to products on third party sites. Clicking on these links provides monetary payment to the owner of the website. This site uses google adsense as well as google analytics. The information for those sites can be located in the privacy policy page or by visiting google directly. These tools both collect cookies. A small piece of data related to your browsing on this site in order for us to help develop the website further for a better user experience.

Terms of Service


Delivering Goods

While this site does not sell good directly, it is important to note that the 3rd party sites linked on the website are controlled by persons and/or organizations outside of the ownership of this website and thus dissolves this website of any responsibility or liability for goods provided on those other sites.


Intellectual Property Rights

This website makes every attempt to avoid copyright infringement. Should you feel that this is being violated feel free to contact us at: