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Welcome to the Queen Bee Keeper! Thank you for joining in as we delve into the life of bee keeping, beekeeping equipment and exciting bee facts related to how to be a beekeeper. There are a couple of ways to navigate this site. The easiest being just to read it section by section. The other way to navigate the site is to use the categories bar on the right allowing you to focus on a specific topic of interest if you so choose.

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This is a beekeeping for beginners guide that will hopefully, when completed, enable and entice you into becoming a full fledged queen bee keeper yourself! We will discuss several topics in an intuitive manner that will make the content easy to digest. First we’ll begin with the bee facts relating to the honey bee, queen bee and worker bee and then we will move on to how to actually care for bee hives and the bee colony housed within. This could also be called a beekeeping 101 class! There will not be a  test though. You’re welcome!

Later we will move into beekeeping equipment and how it functions, how to buy bees and beekeeping supplies. We hope to help you find good deals on your beekeeping equipment so you don’t have to break the bank to get started. Like many other hobbies, bee keeping can get expensive unless you take some time to research for good prices.

We will also consider ways to garner more knowledge from experienced beekeepers by seeking out local beekeepers in your area. When the Queen Bee got started, I first looked for beekeepers near me to gather as much knowledge as I could from them in order to help speed along the process of setting up my bee hives.

Finally, there will be several sections dedicated to equipment reviews. Finding the best beekeeping equipment for a reasonable price is great but if it doesn’t work well in the long run, you are simply throwing money away. We will also look at some bee hive plans for setting up your very own backyard beekeeping setup!

Along the way, we will learn the nuances about the beehive such as the beehive design, bee pollination, how each of the members of the beehive society functions. The queen bee, the worker bee and the entire swarm of bees all have different jobs to fulfill in order to make the whole beehive function. How you set up your backyard beekeeping apiary (defined as a place where bees are kept, or a collection of beehives) will be paramount for your beekeeping success.

So, if you’re a country bee, a city bee, and suburb bee or any part of the honey bee swarm, please join the Queen Bee as we take a more defined look at how to be a beekeeper, or beekeeping 101 for the collegiate minded of you!

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