Beekeeping Equipment

This section will be dedicated to the review of the beekeeping equipment we use as beekeepers. As noted previously, we will try to keep with the lower cost but quality products.

Each of the pictures to the right of the information will take you to the Amazon page to review them yourself.


Beekeeping Suit:

Bee suit - beekeeping equipment
Bee Suit

On the right you will see a picture of the beekeeping suit we are using. This is the Natural Apiary beekeeping suite. Over the years we have found that this suit is just as comfortable and durable as some of the far more expensive options. The only complaint I have about this suit is if I’m working in it for a long time it gets a little warm. I ordered white because it would stay the coolest. Keep in mind if you are looking for this on the website that the picture links to, the sizes are NOT unisex. So be careful of the size you choose.


Bee Smoker:

If  you are feeling crafty and can make your own beekeeping equipment, creating one of these bee smokers isn’t all that difficult. A

Bee Smoker- beekeeping equipment
Bee Smoker

couple of coffee cans and some time should work. However, these being as inexpensive as they are we usually end up just buying them. It’s a matter of time savings more than anything

from our perspective. To the right, you see a stainless steel bee smoker with built in heat shielding. The heat shielding really helps to keep you from burning your hands. Common sense dictates that you don’t grab a hold of things that are hot. The thing is, when your out in the sun for a long time you tend to get tired and perhaps you start rushing to get the job done. So in your haste, you grab a hold of the bee smoker with your bare hand. Yep, that hurts. At least you stand a chance with the heat shield.


Beekeeper tool:

Possibly the most important beekeeping equipment tool you can have also

Hive Tool- beekeeping equipment
Hive Tool

happens to be one of the most inexpensive. Overall the most used and abused tool in our arsenal is the beekeeper tool or hive tool or flat bar. There are a whole mess of other names for this but the function is the important part. Get a sturdy one. It’s used for prying, scraping and everything in between. Pro tip: When your done using it, clean it so it lasts longer and is ready to go for next use. Nothing worse than blowing through beekeeping suit gloves because they are all gummed up with old honey and other unknown substances. There are also several different variations of this tool available. I prefer a flat bar on both ends. I have used ones with a can opener like end on them and I find I end up breaking or destroying more things than if it’s just a simple flat bar.


Bee Hive Brush:

This is a nice gentle brush. You don’t want to have

Bee Brush- beekeeping equipment
Bee Brush

something with very stiff bristles because you run the risk of crushing the poor bees. This brush that we use works great and doesn’t hurt the bee hive swarm unless I get careless but that is my own fault, not the brushes. We use this when we pull the frames out of the beehive box to brush away any of the bees that are sticking around on the frame I want to get the honey from.


Beehive Frame Gripper:

Bee Frame Gripper- beekeeping equipment
Bee Frame Gripper

This handy tool has paid for itself countless times over for us. Being able to pull the frames out with ease is such a time saver. In addition, when talking to other beekeepers who are suffering from arthritis, they indicated that these help save the day. They still require grip but not nearly as much as trying to hold onto a frame that is full of honey. Perhaps its just more comfortable.